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Bitumen Emulsion Plant

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[ProMECS Co., Ltd.]

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■ Oil Emulsion Plant Batch Type Mill(Mixer) guarantees a perfect and variety of
    emulsion as it is designed with Colloid Mill inside stainless(ss316).
■ Our system can emulsify Diesel, Bunker-A, Bunker-C, Bitumen or refined Oil, and
    Can be operated for over 20 hours per day. Our Mill(mixer) is the best one that does
    not need any emulsifier
■ Green Emulsion System is the best and semi-permanent system if some consumption parts are
       replaced. Our system can be proud of near-zero malfunction or breakout
■ Our system is being used more than 50 countries in the world and its quality is already testified
■ Green Emulsion System is the best alternative in terms of economical efficiency and environment-
       friendly system

1. We produce Emulsified Fuel Oil among alternative fuel oils that
    MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy) permits by a law on Oil and
    Alternative Fuel Oil in 2006.

2. EFO is an alternative fuel oil produced by mixture of Bunker-C(mainly used
    as industrial fuel oil) and pure Water. It can be stored over 3 weeks as
    Water and Bunker-C remain un-separated. 

3. EFO mixed with Emulsifiers has no economical efficiency because Fire
    Efficiency decreases.  EFO produced by low-quality mixer can not
    guarantee efficiency

4.”Green Emulsion system” of PMX Co., Ltd. can produce EFO through
    automatic and powerful precision mixing. Our equipment is a next
    generation and  environment-friendly system that can save the energy of
    5-8% by maximizing fire efficiency and substantially reduce Nox, Sox and
    Dust, that Bunker-C discharges.

5. EFO, as the 3rd energy , produced by mixture of Bunker-C or Diesel or refined oil with 10-30% Water, can save
    energy and is very efficient in reduction of air pollution. EFO can lead to economical benefit by a complete
    combustion that is accelerated by reaction of water gas and fine explosion.

Emulsified Fuel Oil is sprayed through a nozzle of burner and Water numerator is expanded as much as 1,000-1,800 in size by high temperature, that leads to micro explosion and makes surrounding Oil Articles sprayed in more minute form. These accelerate complete combustion as contact area with Oxygen inside fire is expanded

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